24 Jikan Terebi – 08.24.2013
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This will be my first time watching NTV’s 24 Hour TV on real time with the possibility of watching it from start to finish.

I tuned in around 4 PM (5 pm JST), in time to catch some of the TV personalities giving us a glimpse of the preparations taking place just a few hours before the show. From Budokan to off-studio locations, the studio and field reporters gave some shout-outs to express readiness and cheerful anticipation for the 24-hour charity telethon that will officially start at 6:30 pm in Japan.

This year’s marathon runner is 33-year-old Oshima Miyuki of comedian trio Morisanchuu. Oshima-san is of course well-known to us Arashi fangirls as Matsujun’s Number 1 fan, and by that we mean NUMBER 1 FAN in all of sekai. Oshima says she considers running for the charity event a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity and a chance for her to discover something new. “Even though I weigh 88 kilograms, and fat, I don’t want to say I can’t without trying,” she said. (Source here.)I will run at my own best, and hope I could send out smiles to everyone.” You, go, Oshima-san!  We’re rallying behind you and, like Arashi and Matsujun, will be waiting for you at the finish line and Budokan, with tapioca milk tea even.

ooshima pre-run

Ooshima Miyuki, two hours before she is set to run. According to NTV’s 24-Hour TV wiki page, the running distance depends on the marathon runner’s physical fitness and age. Oshima will run a distance of 88 kilometers.

Arashi hosts this year’s 24-Hour TV for the fourth time (their first was in 2004), and for the second time in two consecutive years (being the main personality hosts last year).  Last year, Ohno Satoshi made the shirt-design (in collaboration with artist Yoshitomo Nara)  with his handwriting of the kanji “mirai” imprinted at the back of the shirt. This year, Arashi’s leader collaborated with no other than artist Yayoi Kusama-san to create the shirt design. The number of shirts sold has reached more than a million since they went on sale in June. Sugoi, ne. I got myself the summer color, the one Nino’s wearing in the photos below.

matsumiya pre-showarashi 24HTV spot

Highlights of this year’s telethon would be :

the darts trip segments

Arashi’s corners – Aiba supporting a teenage boy in synchronized swimming, Ohno painting a canvas with kids from the earthquake/tsunami-affected regions, Nino’s man-on-street interviews aka survey on Japan, Sho playing the piano for a high school choir from Iwate who will sing their graduation song, Jun performing tap dance with hearing-impaired children

Ohno’s drama special

Arashi ni Shiyagare SP with Kanjani 8

Arashi’s collaboration performance with high school students

Ueto Aya’s report on father looking for his daughter from 3.11

More details about the program flow here on NTV’s site.


Some screen captures:

A relaxed Oshima with her Morisanchu pals 10 minutes before the program starts.

go oshima

Arashi announcing the start of the show!

arashi 24HTV yama     arashi 24HTV kaze

Arashi opening with “Love Rainbow”.

arashi 24HTV love rainbow

And with that, NTV’s Niju yonjikan Terebi has officially started!

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Hello after a long time
arashi chillax
Wow. It's been exactly a year ago since I posted. Well, nothing much has changed. Still very much into Arashi.

This entry was based on the latest draft I did and I couldn't remember what I had intended to say. But I recall being very excited and happy about the new special the VSA staff created allowing the boys to compete against one another and showing their skills in more serious yet still fun challenges.

Thank you, VSA think tank for this wonderful SP corner. In Bet de Arashi, the boys compete against each other in various games, not exactly the usual fun bubbly colorful ones we see during the regular VSA. But when it's Arashi, anything serious or that appears to be serious will always turn into something fun and entertaining.

Jun feeling the pressure. He goes against Riida in the first game, a shooting challenge

Riida, I must say, is really skillful at aiming. His performance in this competition reminded me of their Tokyo Friend Park guesting, in which Riida also had to aim and knock down things in one challenge.

I guess entry ends here. Bet de Arashi is made of pure win!

random thoughts: May 24th VS Arashi
arashi chillax
VS Arashi on May 24 was full of kawaiiness - with kiddie Plus One guests Kanon-chan and Seiran-chan. The show started with the usual teasing about Ninomiya Kazunari's outfit. To be honest, Nino's VSA fashion is growing on me, and I might actually miss it if he decides to wear 'normal' clothes on the show again. During the opening, Aiba tells Nino the jacket he was wearing must be in the ladies' size, and Nino quickly responds it's unisex. J takes the jacket from Nino and makes Aiba wear it >> Aiba concedes - "it's unisex" (haha).

Things I loved about this episode:
~ the old rose / carnation motif. Arashi looks good in this color - Ohno looks especially handsome. 
~ the shirts Arashi wore (Nino's BASS shirt, Aiba's with the pink pig, Jun's)
~ Team NACS; with Oizumi Yo. Just funny.
~ the kiddie guests' turn at Kicking Sniper. They did their best - so cute!! 
~ Jun squatting so he could be on the same eye level as the kids (rare oni-chan Jun moment :) )
~ Kanon-chan and Seiran-chan choosing Ohno and Nino as MDA. And Ohmiya's reaction? 
   similar to "EH?" but looking a tad happy about it haha

preview for next episode:
Nino's yellow hair making its first appearance on the show. So, this is when I realize he's going to wear that hair color for quite some time until the drama filming is over. I know so many people have complained about the new look (hideous, too yellow, makes Nino look old, not really blonde, etc.), but I don't really mind. I like it. It's Nino - he can pull off any look. And it's for a drama - I am more excited about it than I am fussy over the hair color change!

Jun's short hair's second appearance on the show (first time was during the MIB3 episode). 

There was also an announcement about Rolling Coin Tower - which I thought was about its comeback with an improved feature like a bigger round table or something (Japanese language learning in progress). But I found out on anj that it seems VSA will hold a Rolling Coin Tower competition among junior high schools in Japan and the school team that wins will compete against Arashi --- NOW isn't this great and don't we think now is the best time to cross dimensions/time warp (for us obasan fans at least) so we could be a junior high school student in Japan, like RIGHT NOW???? Sugoi, Arashi!


Can I just say
arashi chillax
I am loving the Face Down PV!

The boys are trying out something different, with the PV's glossy feel and all (yes, almost like a K-pop video). They're shown in the preview lounging on wing chairs, looking serious and - hot. Ohno is killing me. 

The Sakurap is too short, more please, more!

When it comes to bringing out the sexy vibe, these boys ~adorkable as they are~ deliver. 

You know it's bad when...
arashi chillax

I first came across this list when I was just a newbie in rainbow land, and although many of the items below didn't apply to me at that time, I was fairly amused because I understood all too well the humor and implications most especially for longtime and hardcore Arashians. Now, I think this is worth revisiting and having a look at to see how much Arashi-fied I have become, beyond Nos. 1, 36, 64 and 74. : ) My comments in purple.

  1. You were baited by Jun-kun. Sawada Shin, to be exact
  2. The best dancer in Johnny’s is Ohno, period. With a capital P. "Rain" performance got me.
  3. You’re forever daydreaming and imagining…about Arashi and you. It's childish but true.
  4. Only true idols get extremely popular after putting stockings over their head, wearing nipples shirts and daisy dukes. and remain popular despite : )
  5. You’re envious of the Arashi Fan Club members. Someday, someday soon.
  6. You’re envious of anyone that lives in Japan. Of course.
  7. Every time a new single comes out, you bounce around the room in joy and watch the PV (promotional video) 19074546 times. Play and replay. Case in point: Waiha
  8. Despite how poor you are, somehow you manage to buy all albums/singles. Kudos to loyal fans who do manage. I don't. 
  9. The first kanji you memorized is 嵐 . Second. First was 松本潤.
  10. …and then the kanji of all the members’ names. I could at least recognize Riida, Nino, Sho's. I'm sorry, Aiba, still trying to learn yours. 
  11. When speaking Japanese you only know “male” dominates words such as “omae” “umai” “kuse”. I'm pretty sure I would get raised eyebrows if I try to speak in Japan. But I thank my Arashi sensei much.
  12. Eating expired food is not crazy at all, but funny. I do this anyways. :)
  13. When someone mentions ‘Bambi’, it’s Sho or Jun that you think of, not the Disney movie. Now, yes.
  14. No matter how many times, you always cry when watching Aiba read his letter on 24hr TV. Every time.
  15. You want a pet and name him, Momo. I want the one who played Momo to be my petto.
  16. You wish to name things after Arashi such as pets, computers, your external HD, etc. Interesting. My lappie is named gambaro for all its hard work downloading Arashi Arashi for dream fangirly stuff. As for pets, yes, my next pet dog would be named Seiji, after Nino's role in Freeter.
  17. Sho is unreachable. I hope not. I plan to be part of the Sakurai household. I plan to join him in his travels. I want him to stimulate my brain with his opinions on economic matters, sports, and social issues over a cup of blackcurrant orange.
  18. Before Arashi, S&M was disturbing. Now it’s just an everyday part of life. boke and tsukkomi
  19. One of the main reasons your computer lives is to download Arashi stuff. TOPS.
  20. You’ve cried after your hard drive crashed. There were threatening moments. 
  21. No matter how many times you burn things off, your hard drive is always full. THIS.
  22. You’ve sat your friends down and began the history on Arashi. With accompanying video... 
  23. Your family and friends can put the names of the Arashi members to faces. My 3-year-old niece knows them. 
  24. When asked if you have a boyfriend, you have casually said “yes” and pictured one of the members. All of them, actually.
  25. You’ve come to like Japanese artists that the members like. I keep saying that Arashi has the Midas touch - you just become 'friendly' with or at least learn to tolerate celebrities who guest on their shows, appear in their doramas, etc.
  26. You wish that Johnny’s wouldn’t be so expensive.
  27. You vowed not to spend money on Arashi.
  28. Almost every 5 minutes after you vowed, a new photo album or single is released. Woe to us fans.
  29. There is an Arashi photo that you see every day – on a car, pencil case, wallet, planner.
  30. Your cell phone wallpaper is Arashi.
  31. Your cell phone ring tone is Arashi.
  32. December 24th is not Christmas Eve, it is “Aiba’s birthday”. Sorry, Aiba, it is still Christmas eve. But happy that you are one of the many who are blessed to share His birthday.
  33. When going to karaoke you sing at least 1 Arashi song. AT LEAST. Haven't officially done this yet (que horror, I know). But did an all-out solo Arashi  music karaoke at home the other day. 
  34. When singing in the car or anywhere, you MUST follow the hand motions during the chorus. and not be embarrassed
  35. You’ve been jealous of animals.
  36. You read “asahi” as “Arashi”. This is true, even when I was just a new fan.
  37. Short guys are definitely okay.
  38. Guys skinnier than me, that’s okay too. Guys prettier than me - is okay, period.
  39. Arashi is the best group, ever. Ever.
  40. When someone says “captain” or “leader”, the first person you think of is Ohno. Captain suits him well. I miss the MMA Rowing Club episodes.
  41. Ohno should be a world-renowned artist. He should have another exhibit. I want to see the ones he has been working on post-Freestyle.
  42. You’ve come to tolerate/love like/appreciate other Johnny’s artists because of Arashi.
  43. You’ve pulled all-nighters to wait for videos, scans, reports. June/July 2011 - oh, the madness.
  44. Sometimes you wonder if Arashi are idols or comedians or cute little kids. At one point, I totally forgot that they were a boy band and not my friends.
  45. You start off with a favorite Arashi song, but soon after you can’t decide. Because each song is just. Until now, I continue to discover and re-discover old songs, some of which I didn't like at first but now I totally enjoy listening to (hello, "Monster", "Crazy Moon", "Kansha Kangeki Ame Arashi".)
  46. You study Japanese because of Arashi. Internal motivation for language learning has never been this high. Matsumoto Jun, your Japanese is just ♥.
  47. You plan on going to Japan because of Arashi. Can I live there? Going back now. Let's go back. 
  48. You start giggling to yourself after finding something “Japanese”. I know this much is true.
  49. When you meet someone Japanese the first thing you want to do is ask is whether they know Arashi. And risk it all.
  50. Aiba is a prodigy. Seriously, Aiba. Please bring back those silly, awesome ideas.
  51. Nino should be a professional songwriter. Let's not start. For all my love for Matsujun, I truly adore Nino.
  52. Neon-colored suits are completely acceptable for any occasion. (and glow in the dark pink suits too!) And deathbyfeathers.
  53. When someone says “tension” you think “Aiba”.  : ) And him doing that jump while raising his hand.
  54. When people pronounces Nino’s name wrong, it annoys you. How else would people pronounce it? Naino???
  55. You like to yell out “Yeah!” at the end of things. (and also “Yossha!” from Oretachi no song)  "Yossha" equals Domyouji.
  56. You like to yell out “do it!” as your motivation. Can't get enough of ganbaremasu!!
  57. You buys CDs but listen to downloaded versions, because you don’t want to open your album copy. Since 2010, I only listened to my 5x10 All the Best! album thrice, or four times, I think.
  58. You wish you could befriend Ohno’s mom. Everyone's mom. : )
  59. Many times you have looked down at their pants and have been pleasantly surprised. What is this. I know that Nino...
  60. Now you can’t stop looking there.
  61. You are envious of people like Inoue Mao, Suzuki Anne and Aoi Yu. I was thinking how lucky Suzuki Anne was to be sort of like the Molly Ringwald of chibi Arashi days.
  62. Don’t mind the fact that the guy owns 100000x more clothes than you.
  63. Watching several Japanese variety shows a week without understanding any Japanese, just to watch their faces is absolutely normal. Like I drink water when I'm thirsty. Or yawn.
  64. You don’t listen to English songs anymore because you listen to Arashi all the time. How long has it been?
  65. You get to have a new set of friends (online) because of Arashi. : ) It's amazing how those five boys could close the gap in an instant.
  66. The songs you play over and over again in your mp3 is Arashi’s. ho-hum
  67. Guys who can cross their legs are totally acceptable. Totally.
  68. You watched Gokusen/Kimi Wa Petto/Bambino/Hana Yori Dango/etc. just for Matsujun.
  69. Rabu rabu rocks!
  70. Guys kissing/hugging each other/holding hands is no problem now. How did I get here.
  71. Life is the end when you don’t see Arashi for every 1-5 minutes. Not really but golly, missing someone takes on a whole new meaning.
  72. Immediately after you wake up it’s either you shout I LOVE ARASHI or you get your mp3 player and you play Arashi songs. When I lack the energy, I just play an Arashi song. And my day begins.
  73. You never even bothered to notice your mom was calling you for breakfast….because you’re listening to Arashi songs.
  74. You call Arashi songs THE songs.

I hope you don't think I'm crazy. But if you happen to be an Arashi fan reading this, then : ) you must have been smiling throughout.

To find out if you're as Arashi-fied as Tokyo Tower was on March 16, then simply click here and see for yourself. I must say, I have it real bad.

source: I found the list here,  from Fiona’s “Signs of an Incurable Arashi Obsession”.

video link – credit to YT uploader

photo – tumblr.com

*note: Entry is a twin post of my wordpress one.

Sparkles Confetti Happiness
arashi chillax
It's been three months since I last posted an entry here. Real life, and Tumblr. But excuses are not relevant right now, since


I don't how to put it into words, but GOSH IAM SO HAPPY ABOUT THIS. 

March 7, isoide kudasai!

video source: matsubunny@anj

Riida, tasukete!
arashi chillax
I've only been gone for a day and here goes Arashi releasing a new Hitachi CM (or Hitachi releasing a new Arashi CM, whichever).

Ohno and Nino are shown walking in the middle of an open forest, rather lost, and then an UFO comes to snatch Nino away. This is where my amusement begins. I was already acting fangirly over the sight of Ohno and Nino wearing backpacks and looking like the lost boys from "Stand by Me". I was more so amused by the sight of Nino shouting to Riida for help and how a frantic Riida kept shouting "Nino! Nino!" It made me laugh to the point that I think I popped a vein in my arm. Then Nino gives us this fail-proof stoic expression of his while Riida puts on a goofy-looking 'eureka' face while saying "hontou da!" Kyaa, really, it's amusing, and what's a fangirl to do but push the play button several times.^^


What time was it again?
arashi chillax
So it was an ordinary afternoon in which I was sitting inside a room with several others at a training session. The trainor mentions "echoic memory", which can be loosely described as one's ability to retain auditory information. If a person is poor at remembering what he/she has just heard, that person may have a reduced echoic memory. 


all I could think of was Ohno. And Nino.

I blame Music Lovers. I had just watched the ML talk part the day before where Ohno and Nino admitted that they would often forget the time they were supposed to be picked up by their managers for work. Ohno said that his manager would tell him the exact time he would be picking him up and Ohno would say okay, but then when he entered his house, he'd forget and have to call his manager to ask about their meeting time. Nino's not any different as he himself claims.

Thus, echoic memory = Ohno to Nino.

Yes, this is how Arashi manages to worm their way into what should have been just an ordinary day in my life. 

arashi chillax
Happy Pepero/Pocky Day!

You're probably like me who has been hearing "chanto aun desu" in her head all day. If not, lucky you. I just can't seem to push the stop button on the Pocky CM song that's been playing over and over in my head. And of course, that image of a dancing, stoic-faced Nino saying "chanto aun desu" is all part of it. 

Today, good news. I get to cross off my fangirl list the item "to see Eita and Jun together in a movie or drama". It's happening!!! It's finally happening. They will be co-acting in the next Fuji TV Monday night drama "Lucky Seven" wherein they will play detectives. De.tec.tives. Let me me fangirl for a while. Kyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa. 

When I read the drama title and synopsis, Ocean's Eleven came to mind. Anyway, I'm really looking forward to this. Eye candy aside, I love Eita. I adored him in all of the roles I've seen him play. Great actor. And Jun, his last Fuji TV drama wasn't that much of a success as I've heard, but I have high hopes for him in this new one. I'm sure that his current stage play and all the intense preparation he'd gone through for it has helped him refocus and get his groove back on acting. 

Jun as a detective, doing action scenes, with Eita, under the direction of Gantz director Sato Shinsuke is keeping me on an anticipation high. And the thing is, I've also wished Jun would guest in Nazodi either as a rival butler or a cocky detective (!!!) who would have an intellectual sparring with Sho's character regarding a particular case. The detective part has been addressed. 

As for my other fangirl checklist items which are Jun-related, I would love to see him playing a salaryman; I'm really curious about this. That's all for today, folks, Happy Pepero/Pocky munching.^^

Matsujun and maiko
arashi chillax

On the recent Arashi ni Shiyagare (aired Oct. 29), the vice principal from Gokusen, Namase Katsuhisa, was the aniki guest. Surreal, I never thought I'd see Vice Principal Sawatari and 3D student Sawada Shin together in a variety show years after Gokusen. I watched an unsubbed episode of Shiyagare and my ears didn't pay much attention to familar words, so I'm not sure about this but I think the Gokusen relation was not even mentioned. *one dorama fan needs to move on*

Anyhow, in the episode, Namase-san at one point was cleaning a carpet using a sleek vacuum cleaner while Arashi stood and watched. Hahaha. I think that part took longer than it shouldn't have before it became awkward. During the aniki advice/tips segment, they took a walking tour of some parts of Kyoto (*memories*) and introduced a few places with good food (my mouth watered with each food introduced). Did they do some kind of guessing game wherein the one who lost would be excluded from eating? I think it was something like that. *I realize I was probably too sleepy while watching this Shiyagare to pay full attention.*

Then came the part where they had a maiko as guest. Namase-san and the guest played a game, which reminded me of the time my sisters and I went to a maid cafe. In the show, the maiko and Namase-san showed how to play "konpira fune fune", a drinking game wherein the geisha and guest would take turns tapping a wooden circular bowl and taking it away. The side that makes a mistake has to drink some bitter or sour-tasting drink. It was just like the janken pon game I played with a maid at the cafe, and my punishment was to drink a concoction of hot sauce, sugar, soy sauce and what-else-have-yous depending on what the maid had put in the glass. So I guess the fun batsu games you play at maid cafes go way back to something like the one they did here in Shiya. Going back, Namase-san lost and had to drink what looked like ginger tea. Jun tried the game next. As he and the maiko played, the other Arashi boys and Namase-san chanted the game's song. Junnie-junjun, the ever-competitive one, wavered and lost; thus he had to drink, too. Jun laughed at himself, then had this sullen "yadda na" face just before drinking. But then his mood picked up a bit when the maiko started cheering before he put the drink to his mouth.

He took a sip, and - 

I've lost my direction and took a long time to get to the title which is the point of this post but what I really want to point out is the way Jun looked/gazed towards the maiko after she said something (which I guess was to console Jun??). What's the ara for? I wish I understood what went on in this scene. But I don't care whether Jun meant to scowl or was on the verge of expressing DoS-ness. To be looked at lovingly like this is enough. I wish I were the maiko at this very moment. 

I've replayed this part a few times to be sure about what Jun did there. Any more and I'd be shipping Jun and the maiko already. 

Okay, that's all. : )



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